Baby Gear Rental Venice Long Term

Baby Gear Rental Venice offers you to hire your equipment as long as you need, i.e. for more than one month. We can offer different period of rent for 4, 6, 12, or 24 months. This way, you can exchange your baby gear whenever you want. Check out our reduced prices for a long term arrangement!

Send us an e-mail at and tell us what you need. We will study your case and we will customize our  unbeatable offers.

During the baby’s first year you should buy lots of things. Do you really want to buy all of them? Because, in a very short time, you will stop using them and they begin to take up space in the storage room. Therefore, why to buy them, you can rent! Let us be your friendly family partner and you will see that there are benefits all round! For new parents we highly recommend some useful tips.

We will deliver directly to your home or local accommodation the rented equipment you need for your baby.

Briefly, Baby Gear Rental Venice, Padua, River of Brenta, Mirano, Mira (Italy). In other words, baby equipment rental, strollers and buggy. Indeed, swinging cradles, camping beds, toys, play mats, feeding pillows bath & changer sets and much more. Have a look what’s on rent!









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