Car seat

Car seat

We offer car seat for a perfect price. Of course, they are in line with ECE R44/04 standards. Consequently, we offer different types available with and without ISOFIX system. By the way, this system represents the ultimate frontier in child seat technology. In fact, child seats fitted with the ISOFIX system provide higher levels of safety whilst being highly practical to use. Unlike traditional child seats, they do not need to use the vehicle safety belts when installed in a car. The special Isofix connectors fasten onto special buckles between the backrest and the seat which guarantee secure anchoring to the vehicle. Once anchored to the vehicle seat the Isofix child car seat becomes an integrated part of the car chassis, guaranteeing maximum levels of safety.

Anyhow, you can install the seat either with 3 – point belts or with ISOFIX system. Accordingly, the group 1 is from 9 to 18 kg. Furthermore, the second group is from 15 to 21 kg. Finally, the last group is from 22 to 36 Kg.

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