July 21, 2015


First of all, from a mam to mams, from a dad to dads. Second, your trip should be a pleasure. Moreover, an enriching moment for you and your dear ones. There should be no room for uncomfort, stress, difficulty. Therefore, our baby equipment rental service is here for you.

Hence, MamaRent was a desire, what our family would love in many hard trips. Nowadays, we apply our experience of using baby equipment rental service in Italy and abroad.

Probably, you might know that visiting Venice is challenging. You should face bridges, cobblestones, steps, narrow streets. Due to, our light strollers will help you to overcome certain limits. Why bring it, when you can rent it?!

Travel tips from a local family could be a good way to approach Venice. Family Guide – Kids in Venice is created just for you.  

Our values are promoting slow and eco tourism, sustainable development and social responsibility. We would like to help all families coming to Venice and Veneto region in order to enjoy their holiday. Therefore, we highly recommend Prontopia, which connect travelers with pre-vetted locals for help getting from place to place.

Have a look to ItaliaKids in case you are planing your trip to Venice with your children.

With MamaRent, baby gear rental you can discover the beauty of Venice and its area in a comfortable, easy and relaxing way.

With love,

Oli & Marco